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Your Columbus Buckeyes played in the Tippecanoe Cup in Tipp City, Ohio. After receiving a 1st round bye, the second game of the tournament pitted us against our rivals, the Columbus Capitals. The Caps came out strong scoring 3 in the 1st inning, but after 4 innings the Buckeyes had tied the game at 6. The Caps scored 2 more in 6th inning and took an 8-6 lead. The Buckeyes scored 3 runs in the 7th inning and held the Capitals scoreless to win the game 9-8. 

  The championship game was played between the Buckeyes and Cincinatti Redstockings/Buckeyes. The Columbus Buckeyes won the Tippecanoe Cup with a final score of 10-8. It was a good weekend.

2018 Results

4/15 Buckeyes 17 Red Stockings 1

4/15 Buckeyes 14 Eastwood 3

5/20 Buckeyes 7 Bear Clan 16

5/20 Buckeyes 33 Bear Clan 12

6/10 Buckeyes 29 Muffins 7

6/24 Buckeyes 40 Blackbottom 9 11

7/15 Buckeyes 12 Squires 6

7/28 Buckeyes 13 Lah De Dahs 12

7/29 Buckeyes 5 Lah De Dahs 15

8/19 Buckeyes 11 Capitals 12

8/19 Buckeyes 1 MI Barnstormers 10

8/26 Buckeyes 10 Monarchs 6

8/26 Buckeyes 10 Monarchs 13

9/2 Buckeyes 24 Menomonie Blue Caps 4

9/2 Buckeyes 10 St. Louis Maroons 1

9/2 Buckeyes 7 Indianapolis Blues 1

9/16 Buckeyes   Eastwood Iron Horses

9/16 Buckeyes    Moscow Monarchs

9/30 Buckeyes 9 Columbus Capitals 8

9/30 Buckeyes 10 Redstockings/Buckeyes 8


Tippecanoe Cup Champion

Quick facts

No gloves

90' bases

Underhand pitching

Real teams of the 19th century

Wool uniforms

Hand turned wood base ball bats

No spitting, cursing, arguing

Played gentlemanly

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Yes, we are currently looking for an official score keeper, as well as players. If you like history, base ball, and want to be a part of a great group, then you must contact us. The season is around the corner!


"Had a great time at the game. I cannot believe you don't use gloves!" Eric

"The way you play and the way you act on and off the field is how we all should treat each other. You set a fine example. We will come back for another game." Craig

2018 Columbus Buckeyes

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Final words following game with Menomonie Blue Caps

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The Columbus Buckeyes

Columbus Buckeyes vs Spiegel Grove Squires

Columbus Buckeyes vs Spiegel Grove Squires July 15, 2018 shot and edited by Joe Sipple.

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The Columbus Buckeyes are a vintage base ball team from the capital city of Ohio, playing by the rules of 1867. The team is made up of family members and friends representing base ball of the 19th century. 


Our home games are played at Scioto Audubon Metro Park at 400 W. Whittier St. Columbus, Ohio. All games are free! Part competitive yet gentlemenly played, part show, all fun! Bring a chair, enjoy the game, take a swing of the bats after the game, meet the players and learn about base ball of the 19th century.


The Columbus Buckeyes were the first professional base ball team of Columbus, Ohio in 1883. Although their team only lasted 2 years, while playing in the American Association, the love affair with America's past time was born. 

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Check out our schedule and see us in person. Our home games are at the beautiful Scioto Audubon Metro Park  at 400 West Whittier St, Columbus, Ohio. Come out, check out a game, and be transported to a simpler time when base ball was played gentlemanly and for exercise and entertainment. Bring a chair and enjoy a FREE look into the past.

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