More than just a game


Dwayne "Britches" Maxie was a model base ball player, team mate, and brother. After watching us play, I found out he wanted to play. I didn't even know that he played baseball before. Dwayne joined the team and never missed a practice or game. He practiced so hard and only found out later that he never played organized baseball before. Starting in his 40s must have been tough, but he loved it. It was all he talked about. His love for the game was infectious. He was always having fun with the guys and always the one making the new guys feel welcome. His first game he hit a double and as he was rounding first, his pants started slipping. By the time he was standing on second base, his pants were around his ankles. I guess he had a problem with the belt. Well, "Britches" was born, he had earned his nickname.  He played third base and first base for us, whatever to help the team. His hitting came along and he batted over .500 his final season. When he wasn't playing, he was promoting our team, making bats for us, as well as bat racks, bat boxes, and bat covers. In July of 2016, we lost Dwayne unexpectedly. I lost a brother, friend, and team mate. As we continue playing the game we love, we keep his love for the game alive. I know he is guiding me and this team. We miss you, I miss you, as we strive to make you proud on and off the field.

Paul "The Magician" Cunningham